Backlash for UAE expatriates; Indigenization and recruitment in banks in UAE

Backlash for expatriates; Indigenization and recruitment in banks in UAE
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Nationalization of Abu Dhabi banks in the UAE has also taken place. In 6 months, 841 people were appointed. The majority of these are natives. The UAE Central Bank released a report that showed 782 people were employed in the national banks, while 59 got work in foreign banks. The number of bank employees increased to 34.332 after the Covid ended.

In one year, about a thousand people were employed. According to the report, bank employees will increase gradually. The number of loans from banks has also increased. Banks had already disbursed 1,700 million dirhams in loans by the end of the first quarter. This amount is the largest loan amount since 2017. Expats hold 23.7 percent of the key positions at banks in UAE.

The number of Indians in top positions has increased by 16.7% over the past three years. Under the supervision of the UAE Central Bank, the nationalization of money exchange institutions continues. Appointments will take place based on the annual dividends of the banks. Insurance companies will soon begin the process of hiring natives.

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