Reception for the Patriarch of Antioch in Oman

Reception for the Patriarch of Antioch in Oman
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Oman’s Deputy Prime minister says Islam is a religion that promotes tolerance and cooperation.

Muscat: Oman’s Deputy Prime Minister Fahad bin Mahmoud received Patriarch John XXIII of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church of Antioch and Orient John XXIII. Fahad bin Mahmoud, Oman’s Deputy Prime minister, received Patriarch John XXIII from Antioch.

During a meeting with Patriarch John XII at Antioch, the Syrian Arab Republic, Oman’s Deputy Prime minister Syed Fahad bin Mahmoud Al Sayed stated that Oman values all religions and respects them.

According to Oman’s Deputy Prime Minister, the true religion is one that encourages tolerance and cooperation with all the heavenly religions. John XXIII Patriarch, is one of the Presidents in the World Christian Council.

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