Real estate investment rules tightened

Real estate investment rules tightened
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Dubai: Money laundering, terrorist funding Real Estate investment to curb financial crimes U.A.E. tightens rules. A new reporting method has been announced by the State Financial Intelligence Unit for Real Estate Transactions Unit with the participation of the Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Justice. 

Investment Rules By UAE Central Bank

All U.A. real estate brokers and law firms Report to Financial Intelligence Unit. Buying and selling freehold real estate properties. Transactions that are one-time or recurring in value of AED 55,000 or greater, as well as payments using funds from physical assets. UAE Central Bank releases special guidelines to stop black money transactions.

The Prevent Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance Measures Politicians are part of the thinking process. His relatives and friends of politicians Central Bank have been instructed to pay special attention to fraudulent transactions. All suspicious transactions and financial intelligence V The Central Bank recommended the Bhagat report. Follow Us On Linkedin

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