Ramadan 2022 in the United Arab Emirates: Gyms Report an Increase in Membership During the Holy Month

Ramadan 2022 in the United Arab Emirates: Gyms Report an Increase in Membership During the Holy Month
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Despite fasting, residents are committed to maintaining their health and well-being, according to fitness coaches.

Residents who are fasting are achieving their fitness goals through boxing, karate, and other high-intensity workouts. Gyms across the UAE are seeing certain common trends during Ramadan, from rising membership numbers to more people training in the hours just before and after Iftar. The commitment of those who observe the holy month of Ramadan to maintaining their health and well-being stands out the most. Marat Kaldybekov, a boxing coach at Punch 360 in the Jumeirah Islands, says his fasting clients have impressed him with their discipline.

“The majority of people arrive a few hours before iftar,” he explained. “They are ready to go full throttle and have no intention of backing down.” It’s as if they want to test themselves on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Some people arrive after Iftar with nothing but dates, water, and a light snack in order to train. I admire the discipline that people are demonstrating.” The number of members at the facility has also increased. “I think people are aware that with Iftar gatherings and family meals, they may be eating more than usual,” he said. “As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the number of members signing up. “More people are training around Iiftar time at the F45 gym in Motor City.


“Our early morning classes – the ones that start at 6.30 a.m. – are usually fairly full,” said Jessie Bremus, head coach and manager of F45 in Motor City. “However, we’ve had to cancel some of our morning classes since Ramadan began. Rather, we’re seeing more people training late in the afternoon or shortly after Iftar.” “We have days when we focus on strength and days when it’s all about cardio,” she explained. Some people who fast reduce the intensity of their cardio workouts, but many others are willing to go all out.”


During Ramadan, most students in United Karate Group International’s classes continue to train as usual in their martial arts classes. “We alter our training slightly during Ramadan to ensure that those who are fasting are not overworked,” said Kyoshi V. A. M. Iqbal, chief instructor and technical director for the Middle East. “Some people prefer to train at a later time, but the majority don’t mind working out during their fast.” “It’s business as usual in our gyms,” he said. “Many people do not alter their workout schedules during Ramadan.” Some people increase the intensity of their workouts slightly, but the majority of people simply take the month in stride. During Ramadan, we also have new members join because I believe more people become health conscious.”

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