Qatar prepares nest for turtles

Qatar prepares nest for turtles
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Doha: This is the breeding season for turtles. Authorities ensure safe breeding at Fuirith Beach. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has set up special nests for turtles to lay their eggs at Fuirith Beach as part of the endangered Hawkes Bill Turtle Conservation Project. Since the start of the season, the number of nests arranged at Fuerreach Beach has risen to 67. There has been a significant increase in the number of turtles arriving at Fuerte Beach this time around as the winter camps have significantly affected the breeding of turtles reaching other beaches due to the length of the camps.

With the end of winter camps, it is hoped that there will be an increase in egg laying in the coming weeks. Turtles’ nests are set up by fencing off the shores of Fuerte Beach. These ensure adequate light and heat. After laying eggs, the eggs are transferred from the nests to a special place. About 70 to 95 eggs are laid in each cage per season. Babies hatch in 52 to 62 days without closing. The eggs hatch in the heat of the sun. The number of days it takes to hatch decreases with increasing temperature. The hatchlings are released safely into the sea in the evening. The breeding season starts in April and lasts till August.

Under the leadership of the Ministry, complete security has been provided to turtles to lay their eggs and hatch safely by banning visitors and vehicles to the beach and avoiding noise disturbances. Qatar Energy is providing financial support for the turtle conservation project. In addition to the Fuwairi, the turtle conservation program also includes the northeastern beaches of Ras Lafayette, Huayla, Al Jazzia, Al Maruna, Al Gharia and Al Mufir. There is an expert team from the Department of Wildlife Conservation to monitor the breeding season. Breeding time, time, date and distance between sea and nest are recorded accurately.

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