Qatar Is Love

Qatar Is Love
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Doha: Indians living in Qatar have rejected criticisms of expatriate workers, and expressed their support for Qatar. On social media, including Facebook and Twitter, there are many posts and hashtags expressing solidarity with Qatar like We Support Qatar and We Love Qatar. This comes in an environment where hate against Qatar has increased since the announcement of hosting the World Cup. The activities of the Indian community including the Malayalis have supported Qatar since the 100-day countdown. Expat associations are holding massive parades, rallies, and processions in support of Qatar in areas such as Doha Corniche and Souq Waqif.

Qatar Is Love For The Football Fans

Rally participants include everyone from children to seniors, wearing Qatari jerseys, national flags with chendamela or bands. Images of Malayali fan groups holding meetings were included in the western media reports that World Cup fans are being paid non-resident workers. Trolls also protest western media reports that do not accurately portray Kerala’s passion for football. India is Qatar’s largest expatriate group. About four and a quarter lakh Malayalis make up the majority of seven and a fifty thousand Indians. Most Malayalees are Malabarians, who regard football as their main source of income. Qatari Malayalees embrace the World Cup with the greatest enthusiasm.

Qatar is fulfilling the long-held desire of football fans to see the FIFA World Cup. More than 1000 Malayalis are among the 20,000 World Cup volunteers. Malayalis make up the majority of the staff at the Metro and Bus Stations, including the nurses and security personnel. This makes the Qatar World Cup a Malayali World Cup. Officials from the Supreme Committee, World Cup organizers, said that the hate campaigns were caused by the rapid development of Qatar, an Arab country, and its inability to host the FIFA World Cup. Doha, India’s diaspora, has expressed its support for Qatar. It is preparing to present the world with an ever-memorable event in heavy response to hate campaigns and criticisms.

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