Proud Indian; Dubai police return Rs 2 crore from lift

Proud Indian; Dubai police return Rs 2 crore from lift
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Dubai: A man from India has given more than Rs 2 Crore (Dh10 Lakh) to the police for the theft of an elevator. Under the guidance of senior police officers, the young man was honored. Tariq Mahmood Khalid Mahamud Mahmoud, Al Barsha resident, was presented with the cash from the Al Barsha building.

Brie, the director of Al-Barsha’s police station, said that he arrived immediately at the station to hand over the money. Abdul Rahim bin Shafi said. Police stated that Tariq’s honesty reflects the great values of this community. Bri. Bin Shafi Tariq received a certificate of commendation. He stressed the importance of cooperating between the police and the community.

Dubai Police will often accept valuables or money that has been lost. This year, there have been many of these incidents. Nigel Nurse, a Filipino five-year-old, recently gave over 4,000 dirhams that were found in Khisais police.

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