Proud Baraka nuclear power plant; Permission to operate the third unit

Proud Baraka nuclear power plant; Permission to operate the third unit
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Abu Dhabi: The third unit at the Baraka nuclear power station has been licensed. After ensuring safety, quality, and reliability, licenses are issued to the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations. Nawaz NG Company is a sister company to the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

One or two units had been operational before on a commercial basis. The UAE is the Arab world’s first country to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Aldafra is Abu Dhabi’s nuclear power station. Each unit is licensed to produce 60-year-old nuclear power. Nawah applied for a work permit in 2017 for units 3 & 4. The construction of the fourth unit has been completed at 97%.

Hamad al-Kabi (the UAE’s Permanent Representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Deputy Chairman the Federal Authority) said that it was another historic moment in the UAE and that the country has reached the end its 14-year effort. The UAE’s nuclear program conforms to the International Atomic Energy Agency safety standards. This includes nuclear laws and regulations. He stated that the third nuclear plant was still being used to generate commercial power.

The first unit was licensed on February 2020, and the second one on March 2021. In April 2021, the first unit went into commercial production. Within one year, 50 lakh carbon emissions were eliminated. This is equivalent to more than 10,000,000 cars emitting carbon each year.

The first plant will produce 10.5 terawatts of electricity an hour and supply it to homes, businesses and other locations in the UAE. Power can be supplied continuously to the UAE grid for many decades after the completion of the four units are commissioned. This will make nuclear energy 25% of the country’s total energy consumption. This will reduce carbon emissions by 2.1 million tonnes per year. According to the company, by 2025, Abu Dhabi will have 85% of its electricity requirements from nuclear power.

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