President Sheikh Mohammed’s visit to France is success; Agreement to cooperate in energy and food sectors

President Sheikh Mohammed's visit to France is success; Agreement to cooperate in energy and food sectors
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The Abu Dhabi/Paris UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s trip to France was a huge success. It opened the door to strategic cooperation in all areas, from energy security to space. The commercial and industrial sectors will cooperate more and there will be more investment opportunities.

It was also agreed that cooperation would be expanded in areas like clean carbon production, health and marine research, as well as education and joint ventures. In a joint statement Sheikh Mohammed and French President Emmanuel Macron said that they will work together to address the global challenges, including the Russia-Ukraine war, and were committed to ensuring peace and stability in the region.

Sheikh Mohammed Returned After 2 Days

After completing his 2-day visit, Sheikh Mohammed returned home to UAE. France and the UAE will begin strategic cooperation to address challenges in the food and energy sectors. Total Energies and ADNOC have signed an agreement to secure France’s energy security. They currently have an agreement in place worth Dh6,600 crore. This includes the defense sector. A deal for the purchase of Rafale fighter jets, Rafale helicopters and other aircraft. Dec.

Sheikh Mohammed was accompanied in Abu Dhabi by a high-ranking delegation, which included Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Deputy Prime Minister) and Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Foreign Minister), and Sheikh Hamad bin Zayed Al Nahyan (member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council). International media gave Sheikh Mohammed’s trip to France great importance.

Food safety

Apart from starting new ventures in areas such as food production, distribution, and processing, there will also be steps taken to share and exchange information in these areas. Since 2012, there has been a steady increase in non-oil trade. We will also take into consideration the new challenges facing the health sector.

It will collaborate in efforts to control serious diseases, including heart disease. The French and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centers have agreed to cooperate in various areas.

Scientific progress

Plans for education will be developed with higher education and intellectual advancement in mind. The changing times will be met with new technologies.

The UAE will open French higher education institutions and encourage French language learning in schools. The cooperation will be expanded in the area of culture. The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, one of many new ventures, will be inaugurated.

Collaboration to the heights

Both countries will work together on space initiatives, with the UAE focusing on them. It will collaborate in Earth observation, climate projects, moon mission, and other space missions. French participation is already present in many UAE space projects. An early collaboration exists between the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and French National Space and Research Centre.

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