Politics should be viewed with caution: Kamal Haasan

Politics should be viewed with caution: Kamal Haasan
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Dubai: Kamal Haasan, a film star, has stated that citizens should be as vigilant about the country’s politics as they are about checking their bank accounts. On the sidelines for the release of Vikram, he spoke. The political chapter of my life is a duty to me. Politics is a citizen’s duty. He has never failed, but he was late to enter politics. He accepts all that has happened to him as a man. It is not up to him to judge it.

He should have been in politics at least twenty years ago. It was the right moment at the right time, as he released his He Ram movie. He pointed out that the positions were being clearly stated at that point. Even if a small amount of money is changed in a bank account the political leadership must answer all questions about the country just like it does for bank officials.

This is why the law allowing everyone to know was passed in this country. It must be used correctly by everyone. Kamal Haasan stated that it was just as important as voting, and that it was his position outside of party politics. The film’s technical scene has seen a lot of changes. Dolby was looking for sound effects when Hey Ram arrived.

Now we have the tools and technicians that make Hollywood shine. Maruthanayakam is expected to be able complete the filming halfway through. Maruthanayakam stated that he is an elephant, who would like to remain in Thrissur Pooram. However, the Malayalam film industry sees him as a white Elephant and therefore he cannot act in Malayalam movies much. Burj Khalifa also showed the trailer for the movie.

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