Police reveal cause of family problems; The main role is for parents

Police reveal cause of family problems; The main role is for parents
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Dubai – Parents play a significant role in the threat to family security, according to Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan bin Tamim (Deputy Chief of Dubai Police). At a friendly gathering, organized by Al Amin (Ministry of National Security) in collaboration with Dubai Department of Social Welfare, the importance of family security was highlighted. He stated that 40% of UAE families’ money is not spent on basic necessities. He also gave ten reasons for the collapse of the family system.

These include paternal or maternal abuse, family strife, divorce and related separation, financial hardship faced families, excessive child abuse, poor relationships and failure to educate, negative messages from media and the debt trap. It is important to reach this age, which can be anywhere from ten to seventeen years old. Adolescents are vulnerable to both physical and internal changes during this time. He stated that he would be judged successful if he could overcome that danger. Children can feel frustrated when their family disputes are brought up.

Children can be misbehaving if their parents are stubborn. Children’s bad behavior can spread to their friends. It can affect their education and future. Parents who are too busy to spend time with their children will live like orphans.

Police officers discovered that the father had neglected his child in his first marriage. The boy lived alone in an abandoned home. He was mentally unstable and had previously committed petty thefts. He said that he was trying justify his participation in the arrest of a well-known parent in the area.

Divorce is not a permanent solution

Dahi Khalfan said that divorce is a temporary solution to conflicts, but it can also spark a war. It is not a wise decision to rush into divorce. The divorce of a couple can have devastating consequences for their children. Children who are forced to leave their home by their parents are more likely be in bad relationships.

Children are often forced to support one party or the other in court. After trying to find amicable solutions, divorce should not be the last resort. He said that divorce is becoming more common and many spouses regret it later.

It’s not about spending money

Families can feel debilitated by financial hardship. It is important to locate the funds needed to support them. Their future will be at risk if we give money to children, despite fraud or waste. He reminded them that excessive caress can lead to sadness.

Unbound less vehicle love

Young people’s passion for luxury cars is a sign of fraud. The vehicle is often purchased at a substantial cost. The majority of new graduates don’t want to marry but are interested in vehicles that cost up to AED 45,000. He said that not everyone buys a vehicle for less than their home. https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/

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