Plura view to measure every inch of Dubai

Plura view to measure every inch of Dubai
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Dubai – The Plura View system allows for precise three-dimensional imagery of structures and areas. Plura View system includes aerial views and precise information about the area. The authorities also stated that they have updated the base map in the Geo Special Dictionary to accurately identify all land and assets. Dawood Al Hajiri is the director general of the municipality. He said that the information was updated using the assistance of the GIS center of the municipality. Three-dimensional images can be made with accuracy between 10 and 15 cm.

These were then updated with aerial photos and field survey information. Information on Dubai’s Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM), was also provided by the GIS Center. Geospatial intelligence has also helped to identify and document green areas in Dubai. Sometimes, the information on the base map may not be as accurate as it should.

Geo Special Dictionary provides digital information on Dubai’s facilities and landscape. This allows you to search all Dubai’s facilities and structures like a dictionary. You can also include information about underground structures. This information can also be used to determine the property’s asset value by following their locations.

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