Plans to renovate Islamic historical sites in Madinah have begun

Plans to renovate Islamic historical sites in Madinah have begun
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Madinah: Renovations of Islamic historical sites in Madinah are underway. These activities were initiated by Prince Faisal bin Salman (Emir of Madina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Regional Development Authority), who was also the leader of the project. Haj and Umrah Minister Dr. Concerning Tawfiq al Rabia and the Deputy Minister for Culture Hamad Fayez. These projects are being implemented in over 100 locations related to the biography of the Prophet and Islamic history. 

Plans to Redevelop Islamic historical sites

These activities will be conducted under the Regional Development Authority’s Tourist Destination Development Office. The ceremony saw the signing of memorandums and agreements between the Regional Development Authority, several private agencies, and government agencies for the development and revival of historical sites. These include the creation and implementation of Sayyid Al Shuhada Square, the Saqifah in Banizad (west side of Prophet’s Mosque), Khandaq, the development and maintenance of Qib Latin Mosque, surrounding areas and the Uthman Bin Affan Well.

Prince Faisal bin Al Salman spoke at the event and praised the cooperation between government agencies in achieving the goals of the projects to develop historic sites. Madina governor established eight centers that have successfully completed development projects. Algamama Mosque and Al Suqya Mosque were renovated and developed.

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