Planning to allow sales Of Beer in the World Cup 2022; Can beer be Opened in the excitement? 

Can beer be Opened in the excitement? Planning to allow sales in the World Cup
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Doha, Qatar: The country is currently in negotiations to allow beer sales in the stadium premises three hours before and one hour after the World Cup match. At designated times, ticketed spectators may purchase beer outside of the stadium.

Fanzone’s 24-hour beer sale last year will now be reduced from 6.30pm to Also being discussed is the price of beer. The selling rights are owned by Budweiser, a US company. There was much debate over how Qatar would handle foreign spectators at the World Cup.

Sales were tried before

Qatar tested beer policies during the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. An area has been created for alcohol consumption at the Golf Club in Doha. That day, beer was available at $6. The World Cup will be held for the first time in FIFA’s 92-year history in an Islamic country. Qatar is currently able to follow a policy that is accepted by all.

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