Patients with high blood pressure increase; Do not just increase the BP

Patients with high blood pressure increase; Do not just increase the BP
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Dubai: Experts warn that high blood pressure can be a silent killer in busy lives. A wide-ranging awareness campaign was launched to raise awareness about the growing number of hypertensive people in the UAE. At various centers, free check-ups are available.

According to the Ministry of Health’s Head of the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, 28.8% of people in the country have high blood pressure. The goal is to lower it to 21.8% by 2025. Butaina Ben Belila said. The risk of developing disease can be increased by many factors including lifestyle, diet, and heredity. The Ministry of Health organized the symposium on the topic ‘Control blood pressure and prolong your life’. It stressed that blood pressure should always be checked and treated if it is high.

Director of the Department of Public Health and Prevention said that blood pressure is a serious danger, and can even affect the coronary arteries. Nada Hassan Al Marzouki said. It can also cause damage to the eyes, kidneys and brain. It was reported earlier that high blood pressure has increased in the UAE in recent years. Assistant Under Secretary, Department of Public Health Dr. Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, and doctors from different hospitals were also present.

It is possible to lose weight and modify your diet

Dubai Karama Aster Clinic Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Sreekumar Sridhar Menon said. This is why you should change your diet and get regular exercise. Reduce salt and fat intake. Stop smoking and stop drinking. Lifestyle and risk factors are key to determining the best treatment. If blood pressure is changing, people with kidney disease or heart disease should be cautious. Make sure to check your blood pressure regularly and make sure you are taking the right medication.

Kidney challenge

High blood pressure can cause kidney damage. There are two types of kidney disease: chronic and acute. The first refers to an abnormality in the kidneys that is caused by a particular disease. The kidney function will return to normal once the disease has been treated. Leptospirosis and snakebite are common in Kerala.

It is crucial to diagnose kidney disease quickly, but the real challenge is not knowing what symptoms you have. Poor functioning is often a sign of kidney disease.

Tinfood Risk’

The main causes of high blood pressure are canned foods, food additives, and fast food culture, according to the Dubai Health Authority.

The risk of developing high blood pressure is increased by a lazy lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases can also lead to other conditions. He advised that children should limit their intake of high-fat and chemical foods.

Learn the limits

European standards state that in normal cases blood pressure should not exceed 140 (systolic) or 90 (diastolic). 140-159 for Systolic, 90-99 for Diastolic Grade 1, 160-179 for Systolic, 100-109 for Diastolic Grade 2, and most grades 3.

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