Opposition flying victory flag in Kuwait; 2 women won

Opposition flying victory flag in Kuwait; 2 women won
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KUWAIT CITY: The opposition won a major victory in the Kuwaiti parliamentary election. Both women won. Although many government supporters were defeated by the Shia sect, it won more seats. Strong results were also achieved by the Islamic Constitutional Movement. Winners were Alia Al Khalid, second constituency, and Jenan Bu Shiri, third constituency.

Ahmed al-Sadoun was a prominent opposition figure who came first with a record amount of votes. Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf al Ahmed Al Jaberal Sabah and Crown Prince Mishal Al Al Ahmed Al Jaberal Sabah thanked all who assisted in the election. Nasser Al Abdali, a political analyst, said that the massive victory of Islamist movements in the elections, in which 305 candidates were contested, and 22 women were included, will have a significant impact on the next National Assembly.

Opposition Victory in Kuwait

He stated that the result was a sign that there will be political conflicts within and outside of the Kuwait Assembly. It can be difficult to pass economic reforms like the introduction of Value Added Tax. Kuwait and Qatar are opposed to the move. Deadlocks between parliament and the Kuwaiti government have led to many cabinet reshuffles, and even the dissolution of legislatures.

This has hindered investments and prevented reforms. Kuwait is the only Gulf Arab country with a fully elected parliament. This marks the sixth vote in 10 years. Fourth in two years. In June, Parliament was disbanded due to disputes between the government and lawmakers.

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