Those who have completed nursing can fly to UAE; You can get a job without any work experience

Dubai : A new opportunity for Indian nursing graduates and students is that nurses can apply to work in the UAE with no previous experience. To get a job at the UAE, you had to have two years of experience in practice and pass a written exam by the health department. The Professional Qualification section (page 70), of the Department of Health website has been updated with a new decision that could change the lives of many nurses, including Malayalis. The UAE Department of Health exam is now open to all who have a graduation certificate from an Indian university and are registered with the Nursing Council. You may also be eligible to work in the UAE at various hospitals, depending on your qualifications.

Tbin Mathew, a Kottayam Athirampuzha native, said online that there will be a revolution in the way people study hard but are unable find work in the country. Instead, they will have to take low-paying jobs as trainee nurses or join jobs with low wages. According to the website, Medical Laboratory Technician/Technologist can also write the exam in UAE without any work experience.

After Golden Visa

Manorama Online first reported that authorities had announced in April that a 10-year-old golden visa would be granted in honour of nurses and technical workers in the healthcare sector who have been fighting the Covid-19 at great personal risk. Many nurses, including Malayalees, have received a golden visa recently. Nurses will benefit greatly from obtaining a long-term visa. UAE nurses have the highest number of Indian nurses. The UAE has a lot of nurse-couples. Nurses commented that it would be very beneficial for them to obtain a golden visa.

Nurse in UAE Eligibility

– Registered Nurse – Bachelor Degree in Nursing from any University in India

-Nursing Council Registration.

Certificate of Good Standing

-Must pass UAE Health Department exam.

The UAE Department of Health exam for those who are not from the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or the UK is no longer necessary.

School nurse

For nurses to be able to work in schools, they must have 2 years of experience. Registered nurses should be able to obtain the required qualification. Registered nurses with 2 years experience in Pediatric Advanced Child Support (PALS), Pediatric ACU, and Emergency Departments are also eligible.

Many nurses from the UAE have left the UAE for Europe and other countries recently after not being able to find enough work. It is hoped that this decision will pave the way to attract more nurses and medical laboratory technicians/technologists to the UAE. Both private and government hospitals in the UAE offer good salaries and benefits.

Nursing work: Norca for doubt

To inquire about nursing jobs abroad, call Norca Roots at 18004253939 in India or +91 8802 022345 (missed-call facility). You can also find more information at Norca Roots does not have any other sub-agents. NORCA ROOTS should be notified if any such person approaches candidates.

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