No alcohol allowed at World Cup 2022

No alcohol allowed at World Cup
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Doha: Alcohol is not allowed in FIFA World Cup Qatar stadiums. According to reports, beer will be restricted outside stadiums during and after matches. According to Reuters, spectators will be permitted beer outside stadiums prior and after matches. Spectators can only consume non-alcoholic beverages while watching matches. The FIFA World Cup is from November 21 through December 18.

The Associated Press (AP), reporting that FIFA and Qatar are working together to develop a beer policy for World Cup, also reported the Associated Press. FIFA’s hospitality package offered premium beverages inside stadiums last year. FIFA officials are still waiting to make a final decision on Budweiser’s sponsorship.

Alcohol Consumption

Qatar tested beer policies during the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. The Doha Golf Club has created a special area for alcohol consumption. The lowest price for beer was $6 on that day. The World Cup will be held for the first time in FIFA’s 92-year history in an Islamic country. Qatar is currently able to follow a policy that is accepted by all. All those who came to the match were reminded to respect the country’s values, and to adhere to its social practices.

The World Cup is less than four months away, so the final preparations for welcoming the fans are in full swing. Expect around 15 lakh spectators. Already, 18 lakh tickets were sold. Tickets will be available until August 16.

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