New Visa Law; A paradise of opportunities for students

New Visa Law; A paradise of opportunities for students
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ABU DHABI – The UAE’s new visa law, which is effective today, opens up a world of possibilities for students. Sponsoring boys between 25 and 35 years old and girls as young as 18 and those with disabilities (or more) will allow you to find a job that is suitable for your studies.

Boys can only remain under parental sponsorship until the age of 18 at present. The 18-year-old boys were then allowed to leave their parental sponsorship until they reached 18. The parents were left with financial and psychological difficulties. The new law allows study and work to be combined in a foreign setting.

More Features Of New Visa Law

This law will also prevent individuals from moving abroad to pursue higher education. After their plus two, many people who lived here before moving to another country or overseas to pursue higher education. The new situation offers the opportunity to get a job and complete higher education.

You can get a degree and a job in Dubai by taking the most recent undergraduate and postgraduate courses on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, gaming, robotics, data analysis, and cyber security. There are many top universities and colleges around the world that will help reduce the desire to study abroad.

Online courses are also available in the UAE. The country will also benefit from the excellent service of outstanding students, whose curricula are innovative. The productivity of the country will also be increased by deploying active youth with diverse skills in different industries.

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