New Visa Law 2023 – 4 Ways to Extend UAE Visit Visa

1. Visit the DNRD office
You can visit the Department of Naturalization & Residency and pay 500 AED if you want to renew your Dubai visit visa but don’t want to leave the United Arab Emirates.

2. Visa Run
You can leave and return to UAE by booking a Visa Run. You can do these at any point from Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi to Muscat (Oman), Bahrain, Doha (Qatar), or Kish Island.

3. Visa Flight
If you wish to renew your visa by flight, expect that it will cost you 500 – 100 AED for the flight, excluding visa charges. Once you’ve landed, enter the departure terminal at the airport. No need t exit the airport, just take a flight back to UAE. After the flight, you can go to Dubai airport and get a new visit visa valid for 30 days or 60 days.

4. Drive over to the border
How to do this? First, you need to get an exit stamp from the border. Get back in the car and drive to Oman border control. You need to keep the ticket they hand over safely. You need to present it when you go back to UAE. Then, you need to go to the immigration office to get an entry stamp and a new visa. You need to pay 60 AED and obtain an exit stamp for Oman. Lastly, drive back to the UAE border and get a new entry stamp and visa.

It will only take you between 3 and 4 hours approximately. Try to avoid holidays and weekends because too many people travel between Oman and UAE.

Remember that visa rules are subject to change often. Keep up with the latest information available on UAE Immigration Services.

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