New UAE Visa: Students’ Paradise of Opportunity, Work and Study

New UAE Visa: Students' Paradise of Opportunity, Work and Study
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Abu Dhabi: The UAE’s new visa rules, which take effect in September, provide students with a paradise of opportunities. The decision to sponsor boys up to the age of 25 and girls and the determined (differently abled) regardless of age will help them find suitable employment along with their studies. 

Currently, boys can only stay under parental sponsorship until they are 18 years old. As a result, the 18-year-old boys had to be transferred to another visa or had to pay a stipend of 4,000 dirhams and renew each year with a one-year student visa. This caused financial and psychological distress to the parents. 

Higher Educations

Many of those who lived in the UAE as a family moved back home for higher education after completing their children’s Plus Two. In the new situation, it will be a priority to get a job after completing higher education here. This allows families to stay here with their children.

Using the latest undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Artificial Intelligence, Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security, Gaming and Robotics and Data Analysis, it will be easy to get a higher education here and get a job. The presence of the best universities and colleges in the world will reduce the tendency to go abroad for higher education. Now you can take advantage of the opportunity to study online courses abroad while working in the UAE.

Indian Students

The country will also benefit from having access to the best students molded according to innovative curricula in the UAE from school to university level. Deploying a diverse group of young people with different skills in different sectors will increase productivity.

If low cost educational facilities including medical and engineering are made available in the UAE, it will be able to attract more students from foreign countries, including India. Currently, thousands of Indian students are studying abroad. Indians will seek to take advantage of the UAE’s facilities as the closest country to India. 

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