New academic year in Abu Dhabi from 29: Schools begin preparations

New academic year in Abu Dhabi from 29: Schools begin preparations
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Abu Dhabi: The 29th of September saw the opening schools in the Emirate. Now, the preparations are underway to welcome the children. Teachers and school staff that were on annual leave are now back. Emirates School Establishment announced that preparations have started for the opening.

To be eligible for school, children must comply with the Covid rules. On the day of school opening, a Covid negative certificate must be received within 96 hours. Alhosan app also makes green passes mandatory, according to school officials. Other than the existing restrictions, no new notifications have been received. A PCR test should be performed on all children aged 16 and older who are not vaccinated.

PCR Test Is Required For Schools

If you have been vaccinated, a PCR should be done every 14 days. A PCR should be taken every 30 days for children under 16. Masks must be worn in classrooms by children starting in the 2nd grade. Only use masks outside if absolutely necessary. All sports practices and school field trips are permitted. All children can take 100% of the school bus seats. Children who have had close contact with Covid-19 patients are not required to undergo Quarantine.

The first and fourth days of exposure should be used for PCR testing. The terms of the previous academic calendar are still to be determined. Officials stated that the steps were taken to open the school according to the regulations from the previous year.

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