native of Assam who speaks Malayalam; A young expatriate in Dubai holding Kerala on his chest

Dubai: Muhammad Gulzar Hussain is a native Assami who, despite the passage of time, can’t seem to let Kerala or Malayalam go. This young man, who works at Muhaisina 4 Dubai’s wide-ranging restaurant, recalls his country and mother Malayalam with joy as he celebrates World Mother Language Day.

After working for four years in various restaurants across 10 Keram districts, Muhammad Gulzar Hussain moved to Dubai. He also found work in a Malayali restaurant. Malayalis make up the majority of his colleagues. After 5 years of living in Dubai, Pacha learned Malayalam from Kerala and was able to speak fluently. Pacha speaks Malayalam to all who visit him for food. You can easily recognize a Malayali if you look closely. It is not easy for Malayalis, however, to identify that they are speaking to a foreigner.

I love Kerala, Malayalam, and Malayalees – says Muhammad Gulzar Hussain

Kerala is the Dubai for ordinary people from other states. This is how I got there. The excellent country has good salaries and a great work environment. For four years, I was able to work comfortably. I left UAE later because it wasn’t what I liked. Here, too, the job was found among Malayalees. The relationship with Kerala improved.

Muhammad Gulzar Hussain learned Malayalam while he was in Kerala, where Hindi was not widely spoken. It is difficult to live in a foreign country if you don’t speak the language. I decided to learn the language. It was easy to learn and I enjoyed it when I first started. So much better now. Muhammad Gulzar Hussain claims that he speaks Malayalam fluently to all those who visit the restaurant.

Kerala is cool, Gulf of Other States

Muhammad Gulzar Hussain, a noob when it comes to Kerala, is the best choice. Kerala is home to all states, including Assam, Kolkata, and UP. Saudi Arabia and UAE are the Gulf of Malayalis. Kerala, however, is the Gulf of all its citizens. Excellent salary. You can return home at any time. The Gulf will allow the Keralites to leave the country after a period of one or two years. Similar is true for other states.

Muhammad Gulzar Hussain discovered how many districts are there in Kerala and their specialties. There are 14 districts within Kerala. I have worked in 10 different restaurants. I have never had a bad experience in any restaurant.

Mammukka and Laletan, Dileep.., and Siddique

Muhammad Gulzar Hussain is familiar with the Malayalam movie stars Mohanlal and Dileep, as well as Siddique. All of them were present when I worked in Ernakulam. Siddique also employed him in his own restaurant. Their movies are also very appealing to me. You are my favorite place in the world, Kerala. I must visit Kerala again. will visit; Aturap.

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