Mylanchi night in royal pride

Mylanchi night in royal pride
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Doha: The colorful Mylanchi organized by the Kerala Women’s Initiative Qatar (QQ) to welcome Eid-ul-Fitr in the context of the Mughal dynasty was notable. About 500 visitors arrived at Ashoka Hall on Thursday night for a three-and-a-half hour long Mylanchi morning in partnership with the Indian Cultural Center (ICC).

The main attraction of the audience was the children dressed as Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. The visitors returned with selfies and pictures with them. Thirteen henna designers, including children and adults, came to wear the henna. Not only Malayalees and North Indians but also women from European countries came to wear henna on the henna morning of Malayalam.

The stalls organized by the Quick members along with Mylanchi Ra were also notable. The 7 stalls were stocked with a variety of fashionable clothes, jewelery and delicacies. Mylanchi Rao has also become a platform for expatriate Malayalee women to introduce their products.

The Mylanchi Night was presided over by Quick President Zarina Ahad and led by the Executive and Council members. ICC Acting President Subramanya Hebbagalu, members of the Managing Committee, former ICC President Milan Arun, Qatar Mahi Friendly Gathering, Mahi Muslim Welfare Association, KMCC Qatar, Federation of Indian Nurses in Qatar (FINQ), Pravasi Malayalee Federation and many other delegates were present. .

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