Monkey fever; UAE imposes quarantine

Monkey fever; UAE imposes quarantine
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Abu Dhabi: The UAE authorities claim that the country has a robust system in place to detect and quickly eliminate all viruses and infectious diseases, including monkeypox. This announcement came after three additional victims were confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Immunization yesterday. On the 24th, a monkey pox diagnosis was made for a 29-year-old West African visitor.

The Ministry provided details on the quarantine and isolation procedures for those infected and people who have been in close proximity to them. According to the Ministry, the patient will need to be admitted alone to a hospital until the disease is cured. They should not be in close proximity to them for more than 21 days. According to the ministry, close contact will ensure that home isolation is maintained and their health monitored.

How can monkeypox be diagnosed?

According to the Dubai Department of Health, symptoms of monkeypox can include severe headaches, fever, lymphadenopathy and back muscle aches. It typically starts within one to three days of the fever. The skin lesions are used as samples.

How can you prevent it?

DHA has developed monkey flu prevention methods. Wash your hands with soap, water, or an alcohol-based hand soap for at least twenty seconds.

Stop transmission from animals to people

Avoid direct contact with wildlife

Properly cook the meat

Avoid objects coming into contact with infected animals.

Stop transmission from one person to another

Avoid touching any object that could come into contact with the sick person.

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