Mohre Job Offer Letter: What Is A MOHRE Offer Letter? When Do You Need It?

Dubai: If you are planning to change jobs or are going to work in the UAE, you may have received a job offer from your employer. However, did you know that in addition to the regular offer letter sent by the UAE employer, there is also an offer letter from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE)? What is a MOHRE Offer Letter? When do you need it? Here are the details about them.

What is a standard or regular job offer?

Associate Mohammed Elmasri with Al Suwaidi & Company, Lawyers and Legal Consultants talks about how the standard job offer letter differs from the MOHRE offer letter.
‘The job offer is an invitation to an employee who is likely to work in a particular position on behalf of the employer. Job offers usually include details of job offers or contracts, salaries, benefits, job responsibilities, the name and title of the reporting manager, and other relevant information, he said.

What is the MOHRE Job Offer?

The MOHRE job offer includes all previously agreed information between the two parties (employer and employee). Normally stated in the job offer and authenticated MOHRE. This is a step towards getting a work visa. Both can obtain a work visa by signing an MOHRE Agreement.

When do you need a MOHRE offer letter?

Rashid Khwaja, Public Relations Officer at B2B Document Clearing, points out that the MOHRE offer letter is required for most government procedures because the company does not accept offer letters only on letterheads.
‘There are two types of offer letters – one will be issued to the employees by the company (if they are selected after the interview) which contains the company rules and regulations including salary and other details. Such an offer letter must have a company letterhead. But no government department accepts this offer letter.
An individual cannot work for a company using this offer letter alone.

The second will be provided by the MOHRE in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry. It includes details such as employee status, salary, duration and probation period. This offer letter is from MOHRE, so it is legal and genuine and will be accepted by all government sector.
In order to transfer your visa from one employer to another, you may need the MOHRE Offer Letter when placing your family visa on hold. Applicants are required to submit a MOHRE Offer Letter to the Immigration Officers to process the hold request in the required documents. 

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