Ministry of Public Health warning :Holiday celebrations 2022; don’t forget to take precautions 

Holiday celebrations : don't forget to take precautions; Ministry of Public Health warning
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Doha: The Ministry of Public Health advised holiday-goers to remember to take Covid precautionary measures abroad. Yesterday, the ministry issued Covid precautionary guidelines to those who are going out of country for the Midsummer and Bakrid holidays celebrations. Recent weeks have seen an increase in cases of Covid-19 in many countries, including Qatar.

The Covid restrictions were lifted for all travelers, but the authorities reminded everyone in the country to take safety precautions and protect others. When visiting countries where covid is high, it is important to wear a face mask.

Foreign travel guidelines By Ministry Of Public Health

1. Regulations and policies governing covid

  • It is important to be aware of any quarantine and Covid travel regulations in the country you are visiting. It must also ensure that all conditions, such as vaccination status and covid screening are met.
  • You must also adhere to the Ministry of Public Health’s requirements for covid testing and quarantine upon your return to Qatar. You can find updates on this matter on the Ministry’s website.
  • You must ensure that all doses have been taken. If you are eligible, you can take a booster dose before traveling to increase your safety.

2. Take precautions while traveling

  • Use soap, water or sanitizer to wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching others with handshakes or kisses, and avoid physical contact.
  • While you are coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth using tissue paper or cloth. After use, dispose of tissue paper and cloth in the trash bin.
  • In public areas and indoors, a face mask should be worn. Even if you don’t have any respiratory symptoms, it is important to wear a face mask when you are near people who do.
  • Avoid crowds and avoid traveling to crowded areas. Avoid gatherings in areas that are not ventilated, particularly in poorer areas.
  • Travel insurance is a must if you plan to travel.

The fourth dose for people over 50 years old

Doha: Officials said that certain groups of people are eligible for the fourth dose of Covid vaccine. The fourth dose of vaccine is available to those over 50 and people with chronic conditions who are at higher risk for covid. Because of the higher risk of covid in those with chronic diseases, age is not considered when administering the vaccine.

The fourth dose of vaccine will be given to people who have had the covid booster dose (third dosage) within 4 months or those who have been free from covid for at least 4 months. Since March, the country has been distributing the fourth dose of vaccine. All eligible people should take the booster dose, according to the Ministry of Public Health. A booster dose is available to anyone over 12 who has not received the second dose.

The current Pfizer vaccine booster dose can be given to anyone over 12 years old and Moderna to anyone above 18 years. There are 28 primary health centers in the country that offer vaccinations, as well as the Qatar Vaccination Center located in Bu Ghan.

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