MIA resumes; To seduce the mind

MIA resumes; To seduce the mind
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Doha: Qatar Museum plans to reopen Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), by September. The museum will reopen with a spectacular view of the FIFA World Cup. Sheikh Al Nasser (Deputy Director of MIA Curatorial Affairs) stated that the renovations were completed both inside and out, increasing the museum’s capacity and making it more accessible for more people. The permanent galleries, which include the 3D-show hall, will also be attractive.

New facilities include a multimedia hall that explains the history of Holy Quran, a hall to explain Islamic religious practices like prayer and Umrah pilgrimage, 12 interactive stations for families in museum halls, an activity hall for teens and a junior museum curator program.

The museum will display handicrafts, art and sculptures that are not yet displayed as part of preparations for the World Cup. The museum will feature sights such as the blue Qur’an, a centuries-old text written in golden ink. Mia houses a large collection of Islamic art from all over the globe. It also contains rare artifacts that show the diversity and richness of Islamic heritage, including centuries-old manuscripts.

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