Medicine in one box, prescription in another; Truth convinced the court that the Malayalee was finally released

Medicine in one box, prescription in another; Truth convinced the court that the Malayalee was finally released
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Abu Dhabi / Al Ain – A Malayalee was released from prison after being arrested for smuggling large amounts of drugs without permission. The Al Ain Court of Appeal acquitted Noufal, who is a Palakkad native of Cherupulassery. Noufal was taken into custody on March 30, after he arrived at Al Ain International Airport along with his brother Noushad. Noufal found the box in which Noufal had packed the medication for Noushad. Noufal also had a prescription for this drug. Noufal was taken into custody by authorities on suspicion of overdose.

He was told that his brother was taking medication, but he did not have a prescription. They had the medication for six months. Noufal was also denied bail by the primary court. Noufal was sentenced to a fine of 20,000 dirhams, and his deportation. Then, he sought assistance from Meera Ali Al Jalaf Lawyers and Abu Dhabi Legal Consultants.

Noufal was cleared after appeals by Meera Ali Al Jallaf from Kottayam and John Mathew of Kottayam. The court was informed that Noushad’s personal medication was in Noufal’s box at the time it was packed by his relatives. Noushad was presented with the doctor’s prescription and bill for medicine. Noushad also received his earlier prescriptions and medical reports. Noufal was acquitted by the court after being convinced of the evidence. Prescription should be considered.

It is possible to bring non-UAE prohibited drugs into your home for personal use for up to 3 months. Common ailments like fever, colds and coughs, as well as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are all covered. The Abu Dhabi LLH Hospital Inter Medicine Specialist stated that controlled drugs (narcotics and psychotropic) must be approved by the Ministry of Health. Sonia Paul stated. A prescription should accompany the medicine. Make sure the drug is not prohibited in the UAE at the time of purchase. You should not import unregistered drugs or prohibited substances.

To get permission

Go to the UAE Ministry of Health website to create an account. Enter your Emirates ID/Passport/ UAE Pass Information. The Personal Service will ask you to enter personal information in order to issue a permit to import medicines for personal use. The authorities will email you the permit after reviewing your documentation. This includes details about the trip and the medication you brought. This service is completely free.

If you are not a permanent resident

You will need to have a valid visitor visa or transit visa. A medical report must be issued within one-year. Also, a prescription must be issued within three months by the hospital in which you reside.

The medical report must include the name and scientific name of the drug, the country, date of manufacture, duration, dosage and duration of treatment, as well as the signature and seal of the doctor. The health department or the embassy in the country must sign and seal the medical report. The permit is valid for two months after approval. Website: 800 111 11

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