Ministry of Human Resources to Employers; To bear medical expenses of employees 

To bear medical expenses of employees; Ministry of Human Resources to Employers
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Abu Dhabi – According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Indigenization, the employer must pay for all medical expenses of workers. Workers should have access to medication and treatment by contracting insurance companies or working with approved treatment centers.

They also stated that sponsors are responsible for the health of workers. Workers should be treated if they become ill at work or are injured. Officials stated that all employment institutions must adhere to legislation governing the safety and health of workers. Partially covering medical expenses is not sufficient.

The entire cost of the disease must be covered by the sponsor. Each establishment should provide safety at work according to its activities. It is important to have mechanisms in place for dealing with fire and other emergencies. Safety agreements and use agreements must be made for all work equipment, whether it is rented or purchased.

To avoid accidents occurring again at work, it is important to take precautions. The cost of hospitalization, surgery and ancillary medical tests, including X-rays, lab costs, medication, rehabilitation equipment, etc., must be paid by the sponsor. If the injury is severe, it should be covered by the sponsor for the rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Medical expenses will also include travel expenses incurred by the employee during treatment. Safety equipment and means should be maintained by workers. Officials reminded workers that they should take leave with pay during treatment.

Employers need Medical Expenses

  • Even if they have been transferred to another job, workers should still be subject to a health check.
  • Even if one is out of service, it is important to assess and record the individual’s health in the company’s file.
  • Worker’s should have access to suitable housing and employment.
  • According to the number of employees, first aid should be readily available at work. First aid should be taught to workers in order to provide assistance in the event of an accident.
  • In the event of an epidemic or unplanned accident, institutions should adhere to the government’s guidelines.
  • Both residential and work places should be in a safe and healthy environment.

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