Mask discount in Qatar from today; Flexibility of Covid controls

Mask discount in Qatar from today; Flexibility of Covid controls
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Doha: Qatar will soon be able to make concessions regarding conditions and masks starting today. These new exemptions aim to free people from Covid’s grip.

Admission to public closed spaces is possible without the need for covid vaccination. Ihteras can be granted Ihteras via a mobile phone with a green health status. A rapid antigen test is not required for those who have not been vaccinated to be allowed into public places.

As Covid has declined in popularity, updates on Covid’s daily numbers via the Ministry of Public Health social media accounts will cease from Sunday. Instead, the weekly report will now be published every Monday.

Concessions thus

Not required

Both in closed and open public areas.


Masks should be worn by hospital staff and visitors.

When traveling by public transport, such as the Doha Metro or the Karwa bus, masks are required.

Customers are served by customer service staff that includes cashiers, receptionists, and security guards.

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