Malayali Hajj volunteers in service To Serve 10 Million Pilgrims Who Visit Mecca

Malayali Haj volunteers in service
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Riyadh: There are hundreds of Malayali volunteers who, together with women, serve the Hajj pilgrims. Volunteers make it their profession to serve the 10 million pilgrims who visit Mecca to be God’s guests. They are the strength and voice of pilgrims in the other country. This service is offered at Hajj sites such as Mina and Arafa. They will be there to help pilgrims from the moment they arrive in Saudi Arabia after the Hajj. Volunteers will help the elderly, guide the lost, and translate for those who don’t speak the language.

Assisting pilgrims to be picked up and dropped off by bus or metro. This group works under the direction of the Indian Embassy. KMCC and Risala Study Circle, OICC Tanima Fraternity Forum Fraternity Forum Vikhaya, KCF, Navodaya and Tanima are all active Malayalee organizations. They arrive according to their turn at the beginning. On the Hajj days, all volunteers will be present. Many people prepare the favorite meals for Malayalee pilgrims from the country.

Malayali Women Volunteers Also

They assist in Umrah and take holy places with them. The pilgrims are there to support them until their return from the Hajj. Women pilgrims can get help from women volunteers. They also serve as pilgrims at the hospital. Aziziya is the center of the action. It is home to Indian pilgrims. Malayali organizations provide 24-hour service. Volunteers are divided into three shifts to ensure that work does not suffer. Some people postpone their annual leave to go home for Hajj service.

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