Malayali made the charm of football World Cup 2022 into pictures; Raised in Malaysia, Rosario shined in Qatar

Malayali made the charm of football into pictures; Raised in Malaysia, Rosario shined in Qatar
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Abu Dhabi: What’s the connection between World Cup Football and coffee powder? Here’s a Malayali who has combined both in watercolor paper. Patrick Rosario, a Maradu, Kochi native, is a Qatari painter and Malaysian citizen who captures the beauty of football through photographs ahead of the Qatar football tournament in November. He’s already seen 100 films, and will be learning more. Manorama Online spoke to Patrick, who is visiting Abu Dhabi to see his son, who works within the refinery sector.

Raised and Shined in Malaysia

Patrick was born in Malaysia and studied there. After a brief stint in Singapore, his father fled Kerala when he was 16 years old and settled in Malaysia. His father, who was working in Malaysia, obtained Malaysian citizenship.

Then, there’s the family. Patrick is a brother to Marshall Rosario. Both parents insisted that their children study Malayalam. Local school education was a part of this. Both were educated at Sarvodaya School, Thiruvananthapuram.

Patrick started painting seriously after eight years as a Singapore maritime officer. He was appointed the senior creative officer for Pearl Qatar, Qatar’s most prestigious project, in 2005. This project took him five and a quarter years to complete. He has lived in Qatar for 18 years, and has been a full time painter for 10 of those years. He’s always been curious and loves to paint pictures with different colors, such as tea, rose, and vegetables.

Malayali made the charm of football into pictures; Raised in Malaysia, Rosario shined in Qatar

FIFA is coming to the yard; what will we do?

When Qatar was granted the chance to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Patrick and his family were overwhelmed. FIFA will be visiting the yard, and we are discussing options with the family. In November last year, the idea of doing something new came up.

It shouldn’t be boring football games. Real football isn’t played in stadiums. It is played on the streets. Football matches can be staged even in Malappuram. It was all that it took to capture – appropriately titled ‘Grass Roots Football. Football has roots in the streets.

He began to draw pictures and traveled around Qatar. To get the real color and scent of the field, it was his first attempt to mix coffee powder with watercolor. The results of applying coffee grounds to watercolor paper were stunning. The best thing about paper with coffee grounds is the fact that it didn’t deteriorate as fast as acrylic paints. Patrick claims that the coffee grounds smell can make old photos more appealing if you smell them.

Later, with Google’s permission I looked at several images and took the pictures. Friends who were informed about the project took photos and sent them to me. After researching the history, it was only put on canvas. For 9 hours, 2 paintings per day will be drawn. Ahladam won this year’s World Cup after he had completed 100 films in just six months.

Soccer views in 188 Countries; Malappuram also

Patrick has been to 188 countries to see street football, and many more. Patrick’s newspapers also featured matches in Malappuram (the football republic). Later, he traveled to many other countries. The coffee powders in each country vary, so the colors of the photos are varied. Patrick believes painting is less important than football. Here, painters sell the paintings after they have drawn them. Patrick, however, sold the painting even before it was painted.

Photos of the coffee tables

Patrick hopes to create a coffee table book from all of these images. The paperwork has begun. A song featuring paintings is also being prepared. The music was provided by the Kochi team. Naina Nair from Doha sings.

They are 36 cm high by 47 cm wide. Patrick has decided to sell the original photos if he finds a sponsor. Football World also wants to continue its partnership with Heritage. Alka, his older son Kushal who lives in Abu Dhabi, and Ronak, his younger son who is a sportsmaster at Manchester United, support him. Phone: 974-66263737.

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