450 days, 35 countries; The goal of the Malayali is to travel Kerala-London by cycle, now in the UAE

450 days 35 countries The goal of the Malayali is to travel Kerala London by cycle now in the UAE 450 days, 35 countries; The goal of the Malayali is to travel Kerala-London by cycle, now in the UAE
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Dubai: Faiz Akraf Ali, a cyclist who rode from Thiruvananthapuram through Oman to the UAE via Oman has one destination: London. The journey is by bicycle travel, not planes or other vehicles. You will need four bags, a battery pack and dried fruits, tools, and a GPS tracker to travel the first day. After covering 35,000 km in 450 days, the 34-year old will arrive at his destination in 2024.

V. Shivankutty, the State Education Minister, launched the adventure to raise awareness about world peace, heart health and healthcare. After that, he traveled through Mangluru and Mumbai to reach UAE on the 27th of August. Faiz entered Ras Al Khaimah and cycled through Khorfaqan, Fujairah, to reach Ajman. We are now cycling to Sharjah. It will eventually reach Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Dubai. These places will all be able to take part in events for 24 days. Next, travel to Saudi Arabia.

Meet Hero Sheikh Hamdan

Faiz would love to meet hero Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. According to the young man, he was inspired by his bold personality. He is expected to meet him before he leaves for Saudi Arabia. He will spend two years in Saudi Arabia where he worked previously and then cycle across the country on his bicycle. The main purpose of his trip is to visit Mecca and Medina, two of the most holy cities in the world.

Faiz returned to Pakistan after four years of working in Saudi Arabia and discovered a passion for cycling. He was an engineer in electrical and worked for Wipro in Saudi. His family was shocked when he decided to quit his job and cycle around the globe. His determination changed everything.

450 days, 35 countries; The goal of the Malayali is to travel Kerala-London by cycle, now in the UAE

A 3-step journey

Faiz broke down his journey into three parts. The first leg takes you to Kuwait. The second leg is to Turkey. The third and final stage will take us to Europe. The current goal is six GCC countries. To reach Kuwait, it will travel from Saudi Arabia to Qatar and Bahrain. It then reaches Iraq, Iran Azerbaijan Georgia, Turkey, and finally enters Europe via Greece.

Faiz stated to Manorama Online that his goal is to travel to 22 European countries and to reach London by 2024. He isn’t the first person to cycle a long distance on a bike. He cycled over 8,000km from Kozhikode, India to Singapore in just 104 days in 2019. He also traveled to Nepal and Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Without any help

Faiz is on his own journey. You can stay with friends without booking a hotel. Hotels and lodges do not allow rooms to be booked. He slept at petrol stations in many locations. The Thai petrol station was clean and very comfortable. In temples and other places, he has been buried. Khor met several cafeteria workers when he reached Phakan.

He was a Rotary Club member and stayed at various club locations in India. Similar support is expected in Europe. They can sleep in tents or mosques if they are not supported. This initiative is supported by the Rotary Club, Norka Roots and Malayalam Mission, Kerala Tourism, Kerala Hearts Foundation, Kerala Tourism, Kerala Tourism, and Kerala Tourism. Parajon, a UAE-based travel and luggage accessories company, sponsors Faiz. Emirates Post also supports the event. Para Jones donated a Surly Disc Trucker bicycle to enable you to travel. Crowdfunding is underway, as a major sponsor has yet not been found.

His father’s death from heart disease changed his mind

Faiz, an ex-expat from Kuwait, quit his job to care for his father Ashraf. He began to ride a bike at that point. His father died soon after. He believed that cycling strengthens the heart and continued to ride. Azmin, his wife, is a dentist at the Coorg Institute for Dental Sciences. Fasin Omar, Isin Nahel and Isa are his children. Fauzia, his wife and children fully support this mission. They also post travel-related photos on social media.

Meeting at Burj Khalifa

Faiz’s family is also in Ajman. On October 4, he will arrive in Dubai. To welcome Faiz, cyclists from the UAE will meet in front Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building). The journey will then begin from the track. Phone:+971561793768.

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