Malayalee youth makes blood donation his life’s work

Malayalee youth makes blood donation his life's work
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ABU DHABI: For five years, a young Malayalee man has donated blood. He used to run in fear whenever he saw blood and needles. Roy Rajan, a Thiruvalla native and senior marketing executive at Abu Dhabi Shahama Shamka and Alsaina Birjeel Medical Centres, gave his life for blood donation.

Roy shared that the first blood donation took place in 2017 at the request of a friend. He believed that blood donation could save lives and that no one else could help. O-negative blood types are in high demand. He donates blood every three months to the blood bank without waiting for any calls.

Roy Rajan is a blood donor who refuses to go under medical scrutiny because he fears the possibility of getting blood and needles in his eyes. Roy stated that his mother’s death 10 months ago was a reminder of how important it is to intervene quickly in saving lives. O-negative is a rare type of blood found in 7% of the population. O-negative can be given to all blood types and is therefore always in high demand.

O-negative is the first choice in an emergency. This is because the patient will need a blood transfusion before being able to determine his blood type. The ‘universal donor” is the negative. According to the UAE Red Crescent guidelines, healthy adults should wait at least 8 weeks (56 day) before donating blood.

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