Lunch Break in UAE and Saudi from today; Penalty to the company for work

Lunch Break in UAE and Saudi from today; Penalty to the company for work
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Abu Dhabi / Riyadh: Starting today, outsourced workers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE will have a three-month lunch break. The Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait lunch breaks began on the first of each month. Lunch is only served in Bahrain during July and August.

The lunch break is not open to emergency services. Lunch will be served in the UAE between 12.30pm and 3pm on September 15th, and in Saudi Arabia between 12pm and 3pm on September 15. The warning also states that owners of companies who work in their leisure time could face heavy fines. Inspections will intensify to catch violators starting today.

The proposal is to change the work hours to two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A special refrigerated area should be available for those who work 2 shifts to allow them to unwind at home.

Companies set their time for the afternoon so they can avoid the extra expense. You should take precautions as you run the risk of sunburn and dehydration in extreme heat. Take a glass of cold water with salt and lemon every now and again.

Penalty to the Company for Work

The fine for the company that works during lunch breaks is AED 5,000 (Rs 1,06183) per adult in UAE. A maximum of AED50,000 (Rs 10,61834) per adult will also be assessed. Saudi Arabia’s fine for violating the law is 3,000 Rial (62,350 Rupees) per person.

To complain

UAE 600 590000

Saudi Arabia 11911.

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