Lucknow Lulu Controversy: Yogi takes a strict stance, action against the culprits

Lucknow Lulu Controversy: Yogi takes a strict stance, action against the culprits
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Lucknow – UP Chief minister Yogi Adityanath has reacted strongly to the plan to make Lulu Mall (which has opened in Lucknow), a focal point of controversy. The chief minister sent a strong warning to the district administration and ordered them to take criminal action against those responsible. Protests that restrict freedom of movement for the public are not to be tolerated. Yogi also stated that it was unacceptable to promote religious rivalry or create anarchy.

Yogi Taking Strict Actions

Lulu Mall, which opened in Lucknow as a shopping and entertainment centre, is being targeted by protestors and making unfounded statements to try to turn it into a hub of political animosity. The Chief Minister claimed that while the Lucknow administration is taking strict action against it some people are trying create religious rivalry or create problems. Yogi stated that the Lucknow administration must take this matter seriously. The chief minister asked officials to refrain from provoking protests and taking things too far.

Lucknow Lulu Controversy: Yogi takes a strict stance, action against the culprits

Lulu Mall, Lucknow’s heart; In a matter of a week, 7 lakh visitors visited the mall

Lucknow’s Lulu Mall became the most visited shopping and entertainment destination in a matter of weeks. The mall saw more than 75,000 visitors in its first week. The mall was visited by more than 35,000 people over the weekend. Lulu Hypermarket, Funtura, which is the largest entertainment center, was packed. Lulu Hypermarket and Lulu Connect have offered many discounts and offers.

Thank you to Lucknow residents who welcomed the mall with open arms. Mall General Manager Sameer verma stated that Lulu Mall became a popular place for entertainment and shopping within a short time. The store covers 14,687 square feet and offers customers an entirely new shopping experience. Decathlon, an all-in-one shop for equipment, sports goods and accessories for athletes, is now open at Lulu Mall.

Lulu Mall is located in Lucknow’s Amar Shaheed Path and covers 22 lakh square feet. It houses many Indian’s most recognizable brands including Lulu Hypermarket (Lulu Fashion Store), Lulu Connect, Uniqlo and Decathlon. There are 15 restaurants and cafes that cater to all tastes. The mall also boasts a large food court that has 25 outlets and can hold 1600 people. Lulu Mall Lucknow has a dedicated wedding shopping area that offers a variety of fashion, jewelry and watches. A multi-level parking area is available for over 3,000 vehicles.

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