LPG tanker explosion: 56 back to life

LPG tanker explosion: 56 back to life
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Abu Dhabi: A blast at a Khalidiya cooking gas tank caused serious injuries to 56 people, according to the health ministry. According to authorities, the best treatment for the injured is being given.

A building that contained a Malayalee-restaurant partially collapsed on Monday, resulting in the deaths of two people. 120 people sustained injuries. Minor injuries were treated and released on Monday night. Only family members were allowed to visit the injured. The incident has been under investigation by police, but no details have been released about the deaths.

Residents were also allowed to enter some of the safer buildings while debris was being removed. Once a safety concern is reported, residents of other buildings may also be permitted in. Police were reminded that they must ensure safety of the central system and cooking gas cylinders and make repairs as soon as possible. Abu Dhabi Police calls for LPG storage and safety to be secured.

needs to be repaired immediately.

He reminded us that the Hasanthuka warning system for fire should be activated. This warning is issued in response to an increased risk of LPG cylinders exploding. Gas cylinders should be used with extreme care. You must ensure that the regulator is correctly mounted on the cylinder. Also, there should be no gas leaks. To warn of potential leaks, the fire brigade recommended that leak detectors be installed.

Hasantuk, an Arabic word that means “protect yourself”, is a term. This system alerts firefighters when there is a fire in a building. The fire brigade will arrive to rescue people once the details of the flat and building are in the central system of Civil Defense.

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