Long Term Visa for Talented Expats in Oman

Long Term Visa for Talented Expats in Oman
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Muscat: Oman extends long-term visas in more areas. Khalid Al Shuaibi (head of the National Program for Investment and Export Development) stated that long-term visas would also be granted to expatriates with proficiency in different fields.

Khalid Al Shuaibi, who was speaking during the presentation of Vision 2040’s 2021 Annual Report to the Follow-up Unit, stated that the Sultanate is looking at expanding the long-term visa program. The second phase will allow talented individuals such as entrepreneurs, programmers, and creative personalities to apply for the long term visa scheme. Khalid Al Shuaibi, the chief guest at the ceremony, stated that the Council of Ministers has approved the revised proposal and that the second phase would be announced shortly after approval.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion earlier stated that 463 foreigners have been granted long-term residence cards. Expat investors from other countries are eligible for visas. Many Malayalees already have long-term residency cards. https://feeds.feedburner.com/latestgulfnews

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