Life, we must save: 15 years, Nadeem donated blood 104 times

Life, we must save: 15 years, Nadeem donated blood 104 times
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Abu Dhabi: Nadeem Khamis al Qasir’s blood donation ceremony isn’t something he does only once a year. It is a continuous effort to save lives. In the past 15 years, the young man has donated blood 104 more times. In 2007, he made his first blood donation. It was to Abu Dhabi’s blood bank. It was the beginning of an eternity of virtue, which became a way to live later.

Nadeem has a dream to supply the UAE with blood. An act of devotion and piety that is unabated. Blood transfusions may be required by friends or family members at any time. Nadeem believes that it is only when blood transfusions are made that we understand the severity of the situation and how we should exchange it.

Nadeem’s mission it to be unwaveringly acknowledging the value Sheikh Zayed instilled in the hearts and minds of the community is to serve the country regardless of religion, color or nationality. “His health is proof that blood donation is joy and good for your health. This is why both locals and tourists should participate in this great cause. “Nadeem stated that the joy of bringing someone to life through our blood is unimaginable.

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