Leaking emails and cheating; Money will not go away if you pay attention to these!

Leaking emails and cheating; Money will not go away if you pay attention to these!
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Abu Dhabi: Cyber experts warn people to be cautious with e-mail communication because hacking and money laundering rings between customers and distributors are rampant. According to Elias Cooliangal (a cyber security expert, chief security officer at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Group), the hackers who hacked the emails of customers and distributors fell into three categories: GCC, foreign, and local.

Forging mail similar to email is used to make transactions. Fraudsters will send emails to customers after previous transactions. This will likely tighten the loop. The customer’s email communication with the supplier will also be disrupted.

People who don’t understand the differences between e-mail correspondences and make money will eventually lose their money. Elias states that it would be difficult for the bank to recover money if the money had been stolen from a bank account located in another country. Rare cases may allow for refunds if the account is frozen and a lawsuit filed in the country where it was received.

Before you hand over the money

Financial management employees should be provided with timely training in cyber fraud prevention.

Ensure that you communicate with real customers.

For cash transactions, don’t rely on email alone. To send money, call the company’s registered number.

If you are asked to transfer money to another account, be sure to contact the responsible parties.

Record the call if there are any questions about the transaction.

Verify the source address for incoming mail. Send a message to registered e-mail to verify.

Be aware of spam and phishing emails

Before making a decision, make sure you do it again.

Money transfer through Mule account

Dubai: Fraudsters use Mul account to transfer money. They forge documents at local banks and show the records of people who aren’t there. As soon as money is transferred, fraudsters will take out the money. Fraudsters will withdraw money from this account as soon as it is transferred. A complaint should be filed with the police and the central bank.

You may complain

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Email: [email protected]

Smart app: Abu Dhabi Police smart app

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