Launch of Dubai Global Project; More facilities for companies

Launch of Dubai Global Project; More facilities for companies
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Dubai : Launch of the Dubai Global Project. This project aims to maintain Dubai as the global hub for trade and industry. Dubai-based businesses are the main focus of this action plan. In order to establish a presence on 5 continents, 50 central offices for trade sectors will open in different countries, including India. The event was inaugurated by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Crown Prince of Dubai Global). This will offer the best infrastructure for companies looking to set up shop in Dubai and ensure that entrepreneurs can access government-initiated processes quickly.

Dubai Global is a project that aims to elevate Dubai’s companies to international levels, to attract foreign investment and to open new markets for Dubai-made products. This will help Dubai double its wealth in the coming years. Sheikh Hamdan stated that Dubai will have the best industrial environment. As representatives of the Dubai Industrial Area, offices will open in different countries.

This office will bring in investors and businessmen from the country and allow companies to expand their operations to Dubai. These offices will provide the infrastructure necessary for Dubai-based companies to establish operations in other countries. Dubai Global can help you obtain the laws and approvals required to conduct business in any country.

This will allow Dubai-based businesses to expand around the globe. Dubai is able to easily access the largest market in the world. Dubai can thus maintain its core economic structure and be an international business hub.

African Companies to Dubai Global Project

Dubai is home to more African nationals and Dubai African businesses. 1600 African businesses have started operations since October 2021. After the Global Business Forum Africa (GBF Africa), held in Dubai to increase trade opportunities between Dubai, Africa and the Expo, the number of companies increased 6.5%.

The Chamber now has 26,420 registered African companies. Dubai International Chamber has also established representative offices in Kenya and Ghana. These offices were established to assist UAE companies in understanding these countries’ business potential. The GBF Africa Conference hosted 550 bilateral meetings last year. Participants included 3000 people representing 91 different countries.

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