‘Kerala’ in the Gulf ready to welcome monsoon

'Kerala' in the Gulf ready to welcome monsoon
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Muscat:Preparations have begun to welcome the rains from Salalah in Kerala, Gulf region. Dhofar Governorate is visited by thousands of people, many of them Indians, during the monsoon (Kharif). As Kovid’s anxiety subsides, it is hoped that more people would visit this time. Monsoon season is from mid-September to the next month.

Syed Mohammed Sultan Al Busaydi was the Minister of State for Oman, Governor of Dhofar. Security teams will be stationed in the mountains, valleys, and close to the plaintiffs.

Mobile medical units and primary care centers will be established. Authorities stated that they will take steps to ensure there is no shortage of medicine. Amazing folklore can be found during the monsoon season. Art and sports competitions will take place. There will also be a fair selling traditional goods and horses and camel rides. Salalah’s monsoon season is the hottest in all of the Gulf.

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