Jeddah building collapse: Power outages in two districts

Jeddah building collapse: Power outages in two districts
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Jeddah: Services including electricity were temporarily suspended in additional districts as part of the demolition a Jeddah building for urban development. Saturday’s announcement by the slum development committee stated that it had shut off electricity and other services to buildings in Al Wurood and Bani Malik districts.

On Saturday, the building will be demolished. Residents in Jamia and Mushrifa were notified ahead of time. Residents in Aziziya and Rehab areas were also notified on Saturday. These areas will see their services rearranged on June 4. Demolition work will start on June 11.

In total, 32 districts have slums that are being demolished by the building. Twenty of these have been destroyed. The demolition of 12 others is underway. The residents were informed prior to the demolition and services were stopped. The committee stated that demolition of the building would be completed in the given time frame and that there will not be any changes to it.

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