Javasat urges people to use Tawasul service to renew family visitor visa in Saudi Arabia

Javasat urges people to use Tawasul service to renew family visitor visa in Saudi Arabia
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Riyadh: The Saudi Directorate of Javasat has demanded that those who have problems in extending the family visitor visa through Abshir, the Interior Ministry’s online service platform, use the Tawassul service in Abshir to resolve the issue. Javasat also said that the issue of extending family visitor visas would be resolved through direct contact with the Tawasul service.

Complains And Remedies

In the last few days, many users have complained that they are not able to complete the family visitor visa extension process through Abshir. They complained that despite several attempts through Abshir, the family could not extend the visitor visa. They said the visa could not be extended for no apparent reason.

The Process

Javasat said the family should send a message to the Javasat Directorate through the Tawasul service clarifying the problems they face in completing the visitor visa extension process. The Javasat Directorate said that the service should be availed by logging into their account on the Abshir Individuals platform and selecting New Request, Sector and Services after clicking on Service, My Services, Passports and Tawasul respectively. The Directorate of Javasat said that the beneficiaries should abide by the visa requirements and leave the country before the expiry date as the problem may arise as the extension of the visit visa is hampered.

As a result, many people have recently had their family visitor visa extended. However, some people have the experience of not having their visa renewed even after completing these steps. Such persons must continue the effort before the expiration of the visa or have multiple visitor visas leaving the country and returning.

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