ITC Abu Dhabi: Eid Al-Fitr Holiday: Free Parking And No Toll In Abu Dhabi

ITC Abu Dhabi: Eid Al-Fitr Holiday: Free Parking And No Toll In Abu Dhabi
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During the Eid al-Fitr holiday, motorists in Abu Dhabi get up to eight days of free parking. In addition, public parking spaces in Abu Dhabi and the Darb Toll Gate system will be free from Friday, April 29, to Saturday, May 7, from 7:59 AM. In addition, the parking fee for the Mussafah M-18 truck parking lot will be free during the official Eid holiday. The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) of the Department of Municipality and Transport in Abu Dhabi said.

ITC advised motorists to avoid parking and obstructing traffic in restricted areas. “Properly park vehicles in designated areas and avoid parking in residential parking lots from 9pm to 8am,” the ITC said. ‘The DARB TOLL system will be free during the holidays starting from Friday, April 29th.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Transport has announced the opening hours of public services during the Eid al-Fitr holiday in the emirate. During the Eid holidays, public bus services in the emirate will operate on a regular schedule, but the number of local bus services will increase depending on the volume of demand between April 30 and May 4. ‘ITC has coordinated with private sector operators to increase the number of intercity bus services in line with the expected increase in service demand.’

In addition, customer happiness centers across the emirate will be closed from April 30 and reopened on May 9. For more information on ITC services and bus timings, visit or call the toll -free number 800850 or the Dorby Smart app at the Municipal and Transportation Service Support Center.

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