Intoxicating messages should be reported; Police stepped up action in UAE

Intoxicating messages should be reported; Police stepped up action in UAE
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Dubai: UAE police have increased their drug enforcement efforts. A fine of not less than 50,000 dirhams (or more than Rs.) is the punishment. 10.8 lakh) or imprisonment. Depending on the severity of the case, the sentence and the fines can increase.

According to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, it is a serious crime to invest in drugs, receive, transfer, or send money through another person, or try to influence, or gain an advantage. Online drug gangs have been targeted with increased force. This year, more than 100 people were detained. The rise in texting has led to increased surveillance. They use voice messages to send drugs to the poor and fix the time and location.

Don’t ignore the message, or block the number. Report to the police immediately. The country will increase awareness about drug addiction. Seminars will be held at shopping centers and educational centers. Documentaries will also be shown.

You can do better

The treatment will help you overcome your drug addiction. There will be no action taken against anyone who has used intoxicants. Irada Center For Treatment and Rehabilitation also accepts foreigners for rehabilitation and treatment of drug and alcohol addicts.

First, build trust in the patient and their family members. Services available including psychologists. The police can also be of assistance. The police will also take action if you are found with intoxicating drugs, or if you refuse to cooperate with treatment.

Usage has fallen

According to the Anti-Drug Action Committee, the UAE’s drug use has declined with the implementation of increased awareness and measures. It has decreased by 24% in 2020, and by 10% last year, compared to 2016. Half of the deaths from drug overdoses have been reduced.

Behavior changes are not easy

You should not allow children to exhibit abnormal behavior. This should be addressed immediately. You should not get angry fast, lose interest in school, be more alone, spend more time in your bathroom and lock the bedroom. Parents need to be aware of where their children go and when they return, as well as the friendships and other activities that occur. Follow Us On Telegram

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