Intelligent security system to control the Crowd coming to watch the World Cup

Intelligent security system to control the Crowd coming to watch the World Cup
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Doha: A local intelligent security system was developed to manage the FIFA Qatar World Cup crowds. The College of Engineering at the University of Qatar developed the Intelligent Crowd Management-Control System. This system includes systems like crowd counting, face recognition and extraordinary event recognition (AED).

The Intelligent Security System was created by a research team headed by Prof. Sumaya al Madeed, in collaboration with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. These local organizers are the World Cup’s organizers. The FIFA World Cup presents many security challenges because it is such a large event. The World Cup is expected to attract more than 1.5 million people.

For the smooth running and success of the World Cup and other tournament-related events, it is essential to control the crowds both inside and outside the stadiums. Artificial intelligence and drone-based video surveillance are the plans. World Cup participants don’t have to be concerned about their safety. The project is focused on the detection of extraordinary events, the tracking of suspicious persons through face recognition systems, as well as managing recorded information and protecting spectators’ privacy. Qatar employs state-of the-art technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), drone based computer vision and ICT to ensure safety and security for World Cup visitors, players and spectators.

Based upon security drone data

This counting system was created to manage the crowds and count them from drone data. It also helps to smoothen the running of the tournament. It can use a large scaled neural network to determine relevant features and density. To count the number of people at sporting facilities, a new data set called Football Supporters Crowd Dataset (FSC–SET) was also created. This will allow for manual marking of 6,000 images. These images will show different scenes among the thousands of spectators inside and outside of the stadiums.

Also, a face recognition system was developed. It uses the Multi Tax Convulsive Neural Network, (CNN). It can take into account faces that have had their poses changed. The camera can capture three types of images of faces: the left, right and front. A skin-based face segmentation scheme was also developed.

Drone-based video surveillance and other extraordinary event detection systems are becoming more popular due to their reliability and effectiveness. Augmented drones equipped with cameras are able to quickly spot violent behavior among crowds at sporting events. They can monitor crowds in stadiums and other public places during the World Cup.

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