Indian Expat: Three Expatriates, Including Indians, Win Big In Mahsoos Raffle Draw

Indian Expat: Three Expatriates, Including Indians, Win Big In Mahsoos Raffle Draw
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Dubai: Three expatriates have won the mahzooz raffle draw. In the 73rd weekly live Mahsus draw, three expatriates won 100,000 dirhams. Zulfikar, a 34-year-old Indian salesman in Dubai, was informed of the gift by a friend in Qatar. ‘My friend also regularly attends Mahsoos as people from other countries can also participate in the draw. At first I thought he was cheating on me. But after checking the results, I was very happy. I called my boss and friends to tell them the good news, “said Zulfikar.

Zulfikar, a father of two, plans to use the prize money to complete the construction of his dream home in the country. ‘I will also use some money to expand my grocery store in India. It is a small business, but this money will give it new life, ”Zulfikar added.


Kochappan, an accountant living in Dubai, has high hopes for this success. He is an expatriate Indian. ‘I have not been able to visit my family for two and a half years because of the epidemic. The money will be used to pay off financial obligations, to help the unfortunate ones around me and to visit my family, ”he explained.

Kochappan’s advice to others is to always think positively and consistently participate in the lottery. ‘I would always tell friends that I would win the lottery once but they made fun of me. But I firmly believed in it. Today, Mahsoos proved me right, “he said.

Tom Zulfikar

But the news of his victory was not as worrisome as that of Tom Zulfikar, a British man. ‘I did not believe it for a second. “I’m been lucky to have my name on the Mahsoos website from the time my colleague WhatsApp me,” said Tom.

Tom, who regularly tests his luck through Mahsoos, occasionally stays out of the lottery. He was later reminded by a friend that he had been participating in the draw again since last week for the first time in months. ‘I was recently married. So this money will be used to celebrate the honeymoon. Of course, thanks to the friend who reminded me of the right time ‘- Tom added.
The next draw will be on April 23 at 9pm UAE time. Everyone who qualifies can be guaranteed participation in the Mahsoos draw. To know more about Mahsoos, join the Mahsoos Desi Facebook group for Indians.


The winner of the Ramadan mega raffle draw on April 30 will get a chance to win a 2022 Nissan Patrol Platinum V8 car. Those who purchase bottled water by visiting the official website anytime during this month will have an automatic entry into the Ramadan Mega Raffle Draw to participate in the weekly draw for Mahzouz. The first prize of Dh10,000,000 is still waiting for the winners. 

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