Indian Consulate Job: At Least 10,000 Indians To Get Jobs In UAE By Next Year

Through the Training for Emirates Jobs and Skills scheme (TEJAS), the Indian consulate hopes that 10,000 skilled workers will be employed in the UAE by next spring. The consulate is working with the National Skill Development Corporation, (NSDC) to weed out unscrupulous recruiters and create a pathway for citizens to obtain the skills necessary to find work abroad. Expo 2020 included the event.

Tejas training programs can be held partly in India or Dubai depending on the nature and purpose of the job. “In terms of driving, there’s training to familiarize oneself with the UAE driving system and to drive left-handed cars.” ‘After training, they can easily get their driving license. Tadu Mamu, Consul (Press, Information, Culture & Labour), at the Consulate General, said.

The Indian Consulate also offers training programs to blue-collar employees. This program is in coordination with universities and associations. It aims to increase the employability of Indians who have skills like IT and the English language.

strength is the size of our community

These announcements mark two years since services began at the Indian Consulate, which is available 365 days per year. Dr. Aman Puri is the Indian Consul General in Dubai. “In a time where the world is facing an unprecedented health crisis, it was during the pandemic that I realized that we needed to do more and started providing these services.” It was not an easy task. However, this initiative has made it easier for us to do our job more efficiently. Our team is grateful for their willingness to take on this responsibility. He concluded.

The Consul General thanked Indian Associations for their assistance in meeting the needs of more than 3.3 million Indians who live in the UAE. He said, “I believe that our strength is our community.” “People from all over the UAE are always available to help literally on a 24*7 basis.” Dr. Aman Puri said. Follow Us on Telegram

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